1. Instrumentation. Modern detectors. Spectrographs.
  2. Stellar Physics: fundamental parameters. Stellar atmospheres. Stellar masses.
  3. Binary Stars. Emission Lines. Eclipsing binary systems. Research impact in Cosmology.
  4. The Sun. Magnetic evolution. Solar dynamos and flares.
  5. Solar System. Mars exploration missions. Meteors and meteorites.
  6. Exoplanets. Finding and searching for evidence of life.
  7. Interstellar matter. Different phases and observations.
  8. The Galaxy. Gaia Space Mission. Open Cluster.
  9. Galaxies: Formation and evolution. Kinematics and stellar populations.
  10. Databases. Virtual Observatories. Remote observations. Faulkes Telescopes.
  11. Cultural Astronomy and Astronomical Heritage.
  12. Education. How to give a talk. Writing a proposal. Writing CVs, publishing.

      The language of the School will be English.